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We've found over many years that everyone has things that they want to do, great ideas on how to improve themselves, their jobs, their family, and every other facet of their life.  We all know though that ideas rarely turn into reality.  Well, we want to see more ideas turn into reality!

Step 1 - You have an idea or something you want to accomplish.  This may be a new idea, something you've been thinking about, or something you have tried many times (ie exercising and eating healthy!)  You know this is something you want or maybe need to do, but you may not know how or you may know that it is going to be hard.  You know you need support.

Step 2 - Contact Your Goal Guide, LLC to start your Journey!

Step 3 - The first session will be used to help refine your goal (if needed).  We will then take your main goal and break it down.  This is what we call mapping or creating a map of your Journey.  This may seem easy but we've seen so many people struggle with this.  Your Goal Guide will work with you to turn what may seem overwhelming into smaller adventures that won't be overwhelming and that will ultimately lead to you being successful!  We will discuss various tools and scenerios that will help you overcome the obstacles that we all know will try to get in your way to impede your progress.  The result is that you will have a clear picture of what you need to do.  You will have a map to your destination....your goal!  Let the Journey begin!

Step 4 - Having a map is great, but we all know how life works!  The day-to-day is typically what gets in our way.  We can't make that go away!!  We have family responsibilities, job duties, school name it...we know things are going to get in our way!!  We will have touchpoints along the way to make sure you are progressing.  Based on the complexity and/or timeline of your goal we can setup recurring sessions to meet throughout your Journey.  We will be with you for the entire Journey!  If you get behind that is OK.  We will not give up.  We will simply regroup; tweak the map as needed and get going!  Goals are like life....they are a Journey!!   

Step 5 - You did it!!  You met your goal!  This Journey is complete!  Now it is time for the next know you have one and you can be sure that Your Goal Guide will be here to get you where you want to go!!

Randy Riley
Founder and President

I have a diverse background ranging from athletic and life coaching to business management.  Through these roles I found that people have great ideas, but they really struggle to break them down and make it manageable.  Their other challenge is getting it done.  People frequently put their goal or project work to the side.  This wasn't because they were lazy or didn't care about the project or the goal.  It was because life and the day-to-day get in the way.  There is always something to do! 

I found that I had a talent at helping people map out their goals and I found that by setting up recurring follow-ups the person almost always hit their goal.  Did they fall behind sometimes...yep, but with some encouragement and regrouping they got back on track and got it done!! 

I want to bring this same success to YOU and to EVERYONE!! 

My experience does not end their.  I was in the military for six years.  I teach in the classroom and have tutored numerous people over the last 20 years.  Ultimately I have impacted and helped many!


I LOVE seeing people make progress!!  I LOVE seeing them do what they thought they couldn't!!  I LOVE to see people meeting their GOALS!!  Let me help you experience the thrilling moment when you hit your goal!!

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