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I believe that every goal is the start of an exciting journey!  Our goals are what drives us.  They keep us excited about getting up in the morning. They allow us to experience things we may not have experienced before.  They make us better!! 

So what do you need for a journey?  You need a map and you need motivation to reach your destination.  That is where I come in.

So what are you waiting for?  See below for information on my FREE consultation. 

If you want to see pricing information click on the General Pricing link to see some current programs.  These are NOT the only options!  I can custom build a program to meet YOUR needs and YOUR budget just contact me at and I'll work through your needs.

Very few people in life attain higher levels of achievement on their own.  They know they need a coach, tutor, or mentor.  We all need help.  Goal attainment is NOT easy, but it is vital to our well-being and our future.  Invest in yourself and you will find that the payback is huge!  I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and help you on your Journey!

100% Free No Obligation Consultation

Choosing a Coach is a difficult decision and I understand that. That is why I give you a 100% FREE NO OBLIGATION 45 minute phone or Skype session.  This time will be used to:


1) Discuss what you are looking for.

2)  Discuss how I can help you.

3)  And if you desire we can discuss a path forward. 


Then the choice is yours.  I certainly hope you chose to work with me but if you don't I understand and I'll be here for you if you change your mind in the future.  I will also be honest if I determine your goals are outside my areas of expertise.  I am here for you and want to make sure I provide you the support you need to be successful on your journey. 

To sign up for your free session simply go to contact and send me your information or simply send me an e-mail at  Your information will be kept private. I will never sell your information or send you spam.  I may send you my newsletter or other publications but you will have the option to opt out.  I respect your privacy. 

I look forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of joining you on your JOURNEY!

Free Consultation
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