You and Goals

Welcome to Your Goal Guide! This is the first of many blogs to get you thinking about goals and to give you some thoughts on how you can attain your goals.

So what is a goal? It can be anything you want it to be! Goals can be wants or needs. So what does that mean?

Goals that are needs: There are things that you really should be doing to meet the basic needs of your life. For example everyone should have a reasonable understanding of money management in order to pay their bills timely. People should have some type of plan to maintain a reasonable level of fitness to prolong their life and reduce their medical costs.

Goals that are wants: You may want to get organized. You may want to get a certification in your career field. You may want to start a hobby. Even though these may be categorized as wants as opposed to needs they are still vital to us. Any kind of goal will help keep us moving forward in our lives and give us a new found motivation!

Do you have a goal? I would dare say you do. You probably have many creative ideas and thoughts. How often though do you follow through on your thoughts? There are probably many ideas that don't come to life. Think about why that is. Are you too busy? Does life get in the way? Do naysayers or other people in general get in the way? Do you start down a path only to lose focus for some reason or another? There are countless excuses for why our goals don't come to life. Some are real but most of the excuses can be overcome.

Think about all the great ideas you have...all the goals...all the dreams. What is stopping you from going after them? Life is hard to say the least and it will get in the way. However, I assure you that if you start to pursue a goal your entire perspective on life will change. You will have more energy. You will have a reason to get up in the morning. You will feel a new level of worth. Now think about attaining that goal...losing the weight, having sound money management skills, attaining that certification (and maybe a raise!). Lock into that feeling and get started on your goal today!

Leave a message below about your thoughts on goals and check back for more info coming soon!

If you need help better defining your goal, setting up a plan/map to reach your goal, and/or overall help maintaining motivation and accountability please contact me at for more information on how I can help bring your goals to life!


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