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Year In Review

Have you started to think about 2017 and all the things you want to do? Before looking forward though have you looked back? This may sound odd because often people want to move forward which can be an OK strategy, but often times by reviewing the recent past we can better define the path forward.

By looking back at 2016 you can get a feel for what went well, what could have been done better, what did get done, what didn't get done, and so on. The intent of the review is to get a better understanding of what things you may want to get done in 2017. Following are a few steps for how to review 2016 to establish some focus points in 2017:

1) Identify the significant components of your life such as: finances, health, relationships, work, and/or whatever other areas are important to you.

2) Brainstorm all the different activities from 2016 under each category that you think about. Do NOT filter....just write! What may not immediately seem important may actually be a key item impacting your life.

3) Next group the different activities under each component of your life into what was good, what could have been done better, etc. Group them into whatever makes sense to you. With that being said DO NOT use this time to "beat yourself up" for the "bad" things and do not dwell on them. Just note that whatever it was may have been able to be approached differently and depending on what it was it may be something to focus on for 2017.

4) Now look for similarities or patterns. Is there a story showing you areas of strength and other areas of opportunity?

5) Regroup items (or groups of items) into importance/priority and start digging into them to understand them.

Don't let the above overwhelm you. Keep it simple! Set aside an allotted amount of time and do what you can. Maybe break it into several sessions. Do whatever it takes to keep it manageable to you. The above activity will lay a framework for things you may want to create goals for in 2017. For example you may find that work and the kids have over taken your life and you have spent no time on a hobby for yourself. You may determine that you should try and take time for yourself (by the way if you didn't come to this conclusion you may want to reconsider...we all need some time for ourselves). Now you need to come up with a map saying what your going to do and how you're going to do it. You may decide that you're going to start setting aside 30 minutes two days a week just for you. Now setup a standing time or appointments with yourself and make sure you stay accountable and take the time for yourself!

The above is a bit easier said than done. There aren't enough hours in the day now...if there were you'd already be taking time for yourself right! Oh, and how about even if you do set aside time, that thing called life has a tendency to derail us.

If you have these hesitations and concerns about the things you want to do, please feel free to contact me. As a coach I can help you map out your Journey and more importantly I can help you stay accountable. Don't just start 2017 with a resolution or two and a bunch of great ideas locked away in your is the time to start looking forward...look to end 2017 with goals completed and new and healthier outlook on life. Good luck with your goals and if you need any help or have any thoughts feel free to contact me at .

#goals #resolutions #accountability

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